Episode 65 - Scrub a Dub Dub

Hello and welcome to the 65th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on November 11th, 2015. This week Mike, Jesse, Emily, and myself sat down to celebrate the initiation of Jesse Clark into the exceedingly exclusive and wholly prestigious club of homebrewers. Jesse and his girlfriend Meg spent the previous weekend creating their first ever homebrewed beer and we sat down to discuss their first small samples for man, first giant sample for mankind.

Without spoiling too many of the details Jesse and Meg used their bathtub as a means to cool their wort to an acceptable temperature for fermentation. This seemed to be (to them) an acceptable vessel for housing chill waters and buckets of ice. In honor of the shower beer creation our opening question this week is: If you were to drink a beer in the shower while making a beer in the shower, what would it be and why?

Show Notes

Beer News

Homebrew 101: Adventures in Homebrewing

Homebrewing is as much art as science and nothing is harder than starting out creating with a new art form. Emily has been brewing her own delectable beers for over a decade. Mike has been making his own beers for nearly as long. And I myself have been brewing a bit longer than our annual Febrewary homebrew crawl.

But Jesse has dived into the world of homebrewing head first. He received a homebrew kit / equipment for his birthday and took the plunge the other weekend. He and Meg sat down with us to talk about their triumphs, their failures, the WTF moments, and their overall impressions.

And while I don't believe they have officially named the beer yet I am christening it A Touch of Meg for reasons that'll become obvious during the segment. Enjoy!

Beer vs Beer: Brown Eyed Beer Edition

In retrospect this was actually a terrible name for a beer vs beer category. While the idea was to embrace a competition of brown ales while invoking the sweet "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison replacing girl with beer doesn't invoke nostalgic memories of a classic song but instead the term "brown eye" which has a very different connotation.

But fear not dear reader/listener. The Brown Ale is actually an amazing beer style that in recent years has gotten more love and attention. This additional love has given the style a sublime depth of character and a wide variety of experience. Mike, Emily, and I sat down to experience three great offerings.

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