Episode 64 - Debatable Beers

Hello and welcome to the 64th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on October 14, 2015. This week Jesse, Mike and myself sat down inside our studio to celebrate the beginning of the Democratic Presidential debates. While the entire Blind Tiger Podcast crew sat down to enjoy the first of the few Democratic Presidential debates where we drank, ate far too much popcorn, and played political bingo we wanted to truly celebrate the auspicious moment with a podcast episode.

We sat down to drink some debatable beers to mourn the largest beer merger in the world as AB-InBev decides the continue their strategy of "if you can't beat them, buy them". It isn't like SABMiller was craft beer but when the borg end up assimilating even your enemies you still can mourn their loss. But before we get to all that and some cheap lager our opening question this week is: If you were to share a beer with one of the Democratic candidates for President, who would you choose and what beer would you drink?

Show Notes

Beer News

Point / Counterpoint : Counterfeit Beers

Listening to NPR, as it seems to happen often, inspired me to bring up an issue for discussion. The report featured high end wines, and how many of them face the risk of being counterfeit. It seems that it is very hard to actually discern whether or not a vintage ‘45 Bordeaux is the real McCoy or a cheap knock off and when you have these bottles going for five figures on the secondary market, it becomes a very big deal to collectors. Even current wines, produced in small quantities but in high demand are subject to knockoffs showing up on shelves and in restaurants. This brings me to the worrisome conclusion that as so-called ‘white whale’ beers become ever more desireable, how soon until we see “Heedy Tapper” for sale?

Counterfeit beer is a real, if still a small problem breweries and consumers face. Heineken a few years ago found out a Vietnamese gang was watering down bottles of their eponymous beer as well as an asian staple beer known as ‘Tiger’. This was being done with other presumably cheaper beers with the end goal being to sell to area restaurants. This is obviously a slightly different issue endemic to emerging markets, but with beer quickly maturing into a high end consumable in the US, will we see someone try this with beers that people can’t seem to get enough?

Beers From Around the World

While we were happy to celebrate the return of Emily from parts unknown (to us) and her generous donation of British beers we still have more exotic beers than we necessarily know what to do with. Our goal here on this beer podcast is to actually drink beer so we are going to hike up our pants, fill our glasses with interesting beer, and drink the beers we’ve been blessed to receive.

The Beers

Beer vs Beer

- Mike's Choice: Fosters - Rob's Choice: Miller High Life

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