Episode 63: For Queen and Country

Hello and welcome to the 63rd episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on September 30th, 2015. This week Jesse, Emily, Mike and myself sat down inside our studio to celebrate Emily's triumphant return from across the pond. Having spent a few weeks celebrating the ancient and possibly disturbing rituals that surround her beloved Stonehenge Emily returned with new spiritual powers and a few British beers.

It is in honor of her being willing to share a few great finds with us that this episode is dedicated to British beer. Britain has an amazing beer culture that rarely makes it way to the USA despite the brotherly connection we have with our friends in the UK. In honor of that great relationship our opening question this week is: “If you were going to share a pint with the Queen of England, what would you drink and why?”

Show Notes

Beer News

Beers From Around the World

Emily has returned from the United Kingdom with enough craft beer in her suitcase to push it from standard luggage into the "overweight" category. While Emily's slender frame might be challenging the international stereotype of overseas American her luggage was happy to carry the mantle of "obese" in her stead. We sat down to taste the best of the beers she brought back. (Plus one from my travels in New England.)

The Beers:

Beer vs Beer: British Edition

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