Episode 62: Cider? I Hardly Knew Her!

Hello and welcome to the 62nd episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on September 16th, 2015. This week Mike, Jesse, and myself celebrated the coming crisp, fall air with a celebration of crisp, delicious ciders. Craft ciders are starting to grow significantly in the United States as sort of the kid-brother of the craft beer revolution. While USA's love of ciders are dwarfed by the United Kingdom's it doesn't mean that we aren't able to celebrate the greatness of the apple. But before we get to the mighty apple we got the ball rolling this week with the following opening question: “other than apples and pumpkins, what would you add to a beer to make it appropriate for this season?”

Show Notes

Beer News

Beer's From Around the World

I was recently in Vermont and got to try a few beers that hail from that great state. And while I didn’t venture forth to grab a ton of items from places like Hill Farmstead, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, or the Alchemist I did hit up the Beer Cellar for a selection of beer that unavailable (legally) within Pennsylvania. While Emily is traveling across Europe I promised not to indulge in too many of these delicious beers but when it comes down to it I have so many to try that not drinking some now is a crying shame. So this week will be part one of drinking a few of the fine beers I selected while in Vermont.


Apple or Downton Abbey?

A quick game where I say a name, and you have to tell me if it is an apple variety, or a character from Downton Abbey

  1. Lord Lambourne
  2. Delbard Jubilee
  3. Thomas Barrow
  4. Duchess of Oldenburg
  5. Cora Crawley
  6. Lady Alice
  7. Lady Edith
  8. Ivy Stuart
  9. Manks Codlin
  10. Birgit Bonnier

Beer vs Beer: Cider Edition

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