Episode 61: Drinking on a Budget

Hello and welcome to the 61st episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded September 2nd, 2015. This week Mike, Jesse, and I gathered in our outdoor studio in an attempt to save some dough by drinking delicious craft beer on the cheap.

There is a stigma attached to craft beer that suggests that if you are going to enjoy an evening of drinking craft beer you are going to be broke by the end of the evening. And while Slummin' It might be one of our favorite segments we thought an episode dedicated to the idea that you can still drink on the cheap with quality. It is in honor of that idea that this week's opening question is: "If you were able to replace one of the poor man’s brands with another beer, regardless of price, what would you replace and what would you replace it with and why?"

Show Notes

Beer News

3rd Annual Craft Beerfest

Last Saturday was the 3rd Annual Craft Beerfest. The Blind Tiger Podcast team has been able to attend each and every beerfest that the JoyCat team has put on. While the event seems to get a little bigger and better every year it has become evident that the minor gripes that people have expressed have been addressed and this event is really hitting its stride.

The question that we really wanted to address was is this event still a must attend for those in the region? Is it only getting better? Give a listen to find out our thoughts.

Slummin' It

I subject Mike and Jesse to a social experiment in terms of whether quality is really more expensive. I went to a local bottle shop that serves both a large selection of fine craft beer but also has an extensive collection of mass market beers to choose from. I selected from among the cheapest of craft beers and the most expensive of the mass market beers. I took these beers, poured them into glasses so Mike and Jesse would have to taste them blind and sat back to watch the results. Would the cheapest craft beer out-perform the most expensive of mass market beers? Listen and find out.

Beer vs Beer: Thrifty Edition

With this week's episode being all about saving some cash Mike and I agreed to go with craft beer that you can get without busting the bank. We sat down to pit two beers against each other that were less than or equal to $3.00. This limited our options but it certainly didn't limit the quality. Jesse will have to decide which beer is the best of the cheap beers.

Listen to the Episode Here