Episode 60: Can Do Attitude

Hello and welcome to the 60th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded August 4th, 2015. In this episode Mike, Jesse, Emily, and myself gathered in our outdoor studio to celebrate the brave new aluminum world that we live in. In order to show our deep, deep appreciation for the beer container that can go anywhere alcohol is allowed, the can.

While we aren't exactly as enthusiastic as Oskar Blues or the Alchemist when it comes to canning being able to grab a four, six, or twelve pack of great beer and take it to the beach, the park, or wherever glass is forbidden opens up new opportunities to drink beer. Lighter, stronger, and more forgiving when dropped means taking craft beer camping, hiking, or even climbing is an option. Beer is more portable and outdoorsy than ever.

In honor of the mighty can our opening question this week was: “If you were going to make another alcoholic beverage in cans what would it be any why?”

Show Notes

Beer News

A Tale of Two Beers

I share two beers with the group to see which one if any they prefer, blind. Much like our name. Will they discover the secret behind the beers? We will find out!

Point / Counterpoint: Beer Color Problem?

Budweiser this year has been attacking craft beer based on its current image. From its superbowl ad about how pretentious craft beer is to the ShockTop commercials about mocking the mustached hipsters in fedora more obsessed with instagramming their rare beer sips than the beer itself Budweiser has been on the war path.

But does craft beer have a serious image problem when it comes to race? Bryan Roth, writer of the This Is Why I’m Drunk blog, wrote an interesting article on the race breakdown of craft beer. Citing that the stereotype of the fat, bearded, white hipster as having far too much validity but also not being the whole of craft beer. He argues there are many factors but that perhaps disposable income by virtue of racial income inequality might be a large factor in why the white man dominates the craft beer world both as brewer and drinker. I thought we might sit down and try to dissect the whiteness “problem” with craft beer.

sources: Article - Follow Up

Beer vs Beer: Canned Edition

We’ve discussed the merits and flaws of the many vessels that carry beer from brewery to bar to belly. Whether it is the keg or cask or bottle or can or keg all have their advantages and flaws and are often situational at best. This week, given that summer is at its peak of heat, we wanted to again remark on the trend of canning beer. This allows for beer to travel to places where glass isn’t welcome. Allowing for fresh pints to be enjoyed when bottles aren’t allowed. While there is debate as to whether the bottle is truly superior to the can this eco-friendly, durable package just makes craft beer more omnipresent. Thus this week Mike and I went head-to-head with any beer that comes from a can.

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