Episode 59: Presidential Hops

Hello and welcome to the 59th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded July 22nd, 2015. In this episode Mike, Jesse, Emily, and myself gathered in our outdoor studio to celebrate the coming onslaught of US Presidential politics. Why are we already bombarded with around the clock coverage of every Tom, Dick, and Harry who has thrown their hat into the ring well over a year from election time? Because that's how we do it in America. Why report REAL news when you can just follow politicians around and wait for them to say something juicy.

We attempt to wash away the bitter taste in our mouths by enjoying some delicious craft beer. We dodge the many pitfalls of politics and instead get drunk. The way Almighty God intended. But before we get to all that the opening question this week is: If you were going to share a beer with a 2016 Presidential Candidate who would it be, and why?

Show Notes

Beer News

Meet the Brewer: Emily Landis Edition

Brewester for a day. We are very proud to note that our very own fellow co-host, Emily Landis was selected by none other than Wacker Brewing to be a brewer for a day. As part of their outreach toward women in brewing Wacker had a class on beer, brewing, and homebrewing for ladies to create an environment where they can learn to appreciate God's greatest invention; beer.

Emily took a few minutes to tell us about her experience brewing for Wacker and how her own special recipe she made on site sold out in days, if not hours.

Beer vs Beer: Presidential Edition

Given the theme of this week's episode being so Presidential we wanted to choose beers that best fit our theme. Just Mike and I selected beers from states where Presidents were from though Mike, being the sneaky bastard that he is, ended up with a far more clever answer than one might have thought possible.

Listen to the Episode Here